Monday, 5 February 2018

Recycle your E-waste


You have bought a new computer, you have to decide what you will do with your old computer. Computers should not be land filled as it has toxic substances that will leach into the soil and water supplies.

Instead, there are 10 ways you can recycle your E-waste, where you either earn some money, or let someone less fortunate use your computer.

First and foremost, you have to learn to buy less as the more you buy the more waste you have to get rid of. Before buying anything, stop and ask yourself if it is really necessary so that you don’t end up buying electronic items you don’t need.

Make it a point to organize whatever gadgets you have. Organize your wires, connectors, DVDs and gadgets so that you know what you have, and so that you don’t end up buying something you already have and will eventually want to get rid of.

If there is something you don’t need, donate it as soon as possible so that someone else less fortunate can use it. If your stuff is not even worth donating, don’t fret. You can give them away for free on sites like FreeCycle.

Most stores today have a buy back program where the store will buy back your old electronic item when you buy something new from them.

If you have electronic products that are not exactly waste, you could sell them on sites various sites. However make sure that you don’t waste time in selling your goods as their value reduces with the introduction of later models into the market.

Instead of investing in a server, and an additional electronic piece of equipment, its better to use the services of Dropbox and Microsoft’s mesh to back up your files. Use the cloud to help expand your business as required.

If you receive lots of memory sticks and gadgets in conferences that you don’t actually have a use of, don’t let them go to waste. Instead, fill them in an e-bag and distribute them to people who have a use for them.

Scientific projects need a lot of processing power to send and receive lots of data like analysis of DNA of cures for diseases and reports from space telescopes. So why not sign up your computer for one of these projects where you just have to permanently leave it in a spare room to automatically send and receive data.

Though you may not have a need for an old computer, your grand aunt will love using it to browse the web and learn more about what the wide world web has to offer.

While your computer may be practically useless, you can use your CRT monitor as a second television. Just get an external TV tuner and plug an aerial cable in one end and the VGA lead from your monitor to the other. The result, a great TV!

You may discover additional means of E-waste Recycling!

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