Wednesday, 11 April 2018

WEEE Recycling

Introduction to WEEE Recycling:

WEEE Recycling simply means Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Recycling. Outdated industrial equipment as well as household electronic products like refrigerators, televisions are non-biodegradable and contain harmful materials which can cause serious threats to individuals’ health as well as the environment. If not recycled properly, they end up occupying the landfills for decades, even centuries.

To minimize the harsh environmental effects, it is imperative to dispose and recycle discarded electronic equipment safely.

Recycling Challenges:

A report by the United Nations University revealed that, of the 41.8 million metric tons of electronics discarded by the world in 2014, only 16 percent of it was recycled by the government or commercial establishments.

Remaining electronic junk was either collected by people or private enterprises, to resell them in the secondary market or simply thrown away or incinerated or piled upon landfills for years.
Obsolete electric devices contain a large quantity of precious metals which are lost if not recycled properly.

Minimize E-waste:

WEEE Recycling is the need of the hour. The growing environmental concerns certainly make it imperative to tackle the increasing amount of electronic junk produced by the society every day. Hence, individuals and organizations alike should adopt preventive measures and follow them religiously for a long term positive effect. Proper disposal of e-waste helps in recovering rare metals and also conserves earth’s energy.

·         .Prolong the life of your electronic devices by taking proper care. Avoid unnecessary buying of electric products.

·         .Make an effort to buy products that are Eco-friendly.

·         Resell or donate electronics to those who need them.

·         Reuse of discarded electronics is vital. Such devices should be used up to an optimal level before recycling them efficiently.

·        Obsolete electronic junk should be recycled properly to get effective results. Get in touch with certified recycling organizations that provide e-waste bins and install them in your housing society or at offices.

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