Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Reusing and Recycling WEEE

ECORECO is specializing in WEEE recycling and disposing of computer waste. These are collected and isolated on site before being despatched to professional WEEE recyclers for processing into new electrical products.

We recycle for schools, community groups and businesses with the aim of putting something positive back into the local community and surrounding region. to deal with the increasing problem of mercury bearing waste, we have now expanded operations to offer Battery and WEEE recycling services on a national basis.

Commercial Computer recycling and WEEE Recycling is our specialist area – we can remove electronic waste from commercial properties all over the capital, disposing of them in a compliant and professional manner that helps stem the flow of electronic devices that are ending up in landfill.
We can also rid your office of the smaller gadgets and electronics that you’re not sure how to recycle. From cameras and smartphones to tablet devices and projectors, we can ensure that every bit of electronic waste is removed and disposed of in the proper manner and we always do proper WEEE Recycling and fully up-to-date on all related legislation.

We have an in-house WEEE Recycling facility, where we can repair and refurbish much of the equipment, instead of simply discarding it.

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